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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The post Halloween blues...

Good bye Halloween...hello tantrums and sugar comas...

What do we do with all that candy? I CANNOT imagine my children eating ALL Of THAT!!!

Well, here's an idea...think abstract art.
You can print out any ol' coloring page or use a coloring book. Instead of using crayons, fill the pages with candy!
It's nice to let the kids pick out 10-15 pieces to keep, you take your cut, and then let their imaginations soar with the remaining. You may need a little Elmer's glue, but most of the candy will just press into the paper.

The sticky taffy and chewy candy is the worst for their teeth, but the best for a masterpiece!

With Thanksgiving coming up...decorate a turkey print-out! We did this one year for a kindergarten project. The more candy the better! We even used a candy bracelet as the turkey's wattle...ha!

Happy decorating...

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