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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's five faves...

We have been sick siick siiick...so the blog has been on hold...sorry :(
When a virus enters the Zere household it pitches a tent, builds a fire and just absurdly overstays it's time here.
Not only did the kids get sick, but even Maxx the dog has an ear infection...another item needing to be added to my "motivated Mom's daily chore list"...my new thing...it was a purchase I made out of desperation because chaos and mismanagement have been building up their army...now I'm building up mine...ha!
I'm testing it out for a few days and if I really like it, I'll tell you about it and how to get it {for half price shhh}.

Even though the other 3 blog posts that never happened...never happened. I didn't want to miss my Friday's Five Faves {FFF}. I really enjoy my time doing this...it's like shopping therapy, but it's weightless on the budget.

Here are my pics for the week:

I cut my hair for bangs not too long ago and I need to wear bobby pins or I drive myself crazy...these make me smile, so pretty!
"Garden Stroll Bobbies" by Anthropologie

Oh handknits...of course! So lovely...Cindy at Tinkaround Knits is one of Wonderful Sponsors...I love her stuff!
"Chunky Ruffle Scarf" by Tinkaround knits

There is something about these dessert plates that reminds me of comfort. They are country, homey, warming, yet elegant and pretty.
"Antique Wedgwood Trentham" from Vintage Biffann

I'm not a "heel" person,  but these boots are pretty fantastic! I would definitely love to own these...
"Knotted Buckle Booties" by Anthropologie

I'm really pretty much loving this dress {although on principle I would wear it with leggings ...above the knee is too short for me}
"Paisley Ink Iku Dress" by Three Little Ducks

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