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Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday's five faves...

As we approach the end of the year my list of plans for the New Year is expanding by the day! I have so many new things I want to do. I've started a couple new books, a couple new projects, and I'm feeling overwhelmingly eager to start anew.
I will be moving house in four months too so that will take a lot of organizing and planning.
Organizing seems to be at the top of my New Years resolution list...
I'm not only interested in temporarily getting organized, I want to stay clutter-free, tidy, and organized for good...from here and out...
I know I keep mentioning this getting organized thing, it's because I'm really serious about it this year. I don't want to own anything that I don't really need...and if I don't really need it than I'd better really like it...plain and simple!

Speaking of like...here are my picks for the week:

 I am in love with natural materials, I love the way they make me feel. Elegant. yet simple!
"Birds on a wire" handmade ceramic necklace by Kylie Parry Studios

These are edible|! Aren't they beautiful? These are made by one of our wonderful sponsors Cake Pops by Maggie.
"Edible Arrangements" by Cake Pops by Maggie

This is the type of jacket I would wear everyday! I love that it's collarless too!
"Technicolor tweed" by J.crew

Yes! It's not needed so much in Va., but I love the boot scraper we had in NY. It really helps {even if you have the "no shoes in the house" rule} and look at how adorable this one is!
"Aviary boot scraper" by Pottery Barn

I have fond memories of nesting dolls, as well as fond memories of the Beatles...these are perfect!
"Beatles Nesting Dolls" by Artmatryoshka

May God bless you with the merriest Christmas and happiest New Year!

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