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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Enter To Win!! Holiday Giveaway 2011

It's what you've all been waiting for! The Mom Spot Of Tea's Annual Holiday Giveaway! We have some very talented Sponsors this year and 4 lucky winners will be enjoying the fruits of these artists' labor.
I am a great supporter of Local and Independent Crafters. There is nothing like drinking a cup of tea with homemade honey or sporting around hand-knits... Without further ado...lets check out the goodies!

No. 1- Butterscotch Colored Infinity Scarf by Tinkaround Knits

This super soft butterscotch colored infinity scarf will be sure to keep you warm. Wear it loose as an accessory or double it around your neck to take the chill off. You can even pull it around your head and over your ears to keep you extra warm. Tinkaround offers unique, hand-crafted and high quality knitted items. A combination of yarn, beading and creativity makes Tinkaround Knits a one-of-a-kind shop with items made by an artisan.  

No. 2 - 2 Oz. Jar of 100% Pure Raw Honey by Honey Tea Thyme
Honey Tea Thyme specializes in 100% pure raw honey from the local hives of Craig, Colorado. Their honey is flavored with herbs, essential oils, and other natural extracts. Their honey is perfect for teas by just adding a spoonful to hot water but is also delicious on toast. Winner gets choice of flavor. Choose from Apple, Autumn Spice, Clove, Fruit & Nut, Lemon Thyme, Licorice Mint, Mint Medley, Orange Spice, or Vanilla Spice.

No. 3 Copper and Leather Re-Purposed Bracelet by Live on Purpose

Live on Purpose, is an artisan jewelry line, designed using reclaimed and re-purposed materials. For instance, the copper and brass pieces are made of reclaimed construction and industrial waste metal, and one brass detail seen on many pieces is even made of a 22 shell casing, that was residual waste gathered from a ...firing range. Leather, sterling, old jewelry and found objects, are also re-purposed to make re-imagined "jewels", for people with imagination. Wear your re-imagined pieces with pearls, tennis bracelets, or sterling, for a truly individual, "this is me" look. Enjoy!

No. 4 1 Dozen Cake Pops by Cake Pops By Maggie

Cake Pops by Maggie offers masterfully creates these delicious, bite size, desserts made of layers of texture and taste that create a surprise party where your mouth is the guest of honor!
Assorted flavors of fudgy cake covered in white, milk or dark chocolate and topped with a variety of crunchies and munchies like gourmet chocolate chips, juicy coconut flakes, fresh nuts, cereal crumbles, citrus zest and many more!

Now that your mouth is watering...Here is how you enter:
Follow ALL the steps below:
**{Please make sure you follow all the steps otherwise your entry will not be valid}

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    8. Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know that you've completed all steps.
    Good Luck everyone!! The Giveaway ends on December 7th and Winners will be announced on December 8th-9th.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Y'All!


    1. I'm so excited...such cool prizes!!

    2. Wow do you need my next born too...LOL. All steps completed. Great new Blog, Good Luck!!
      -Kelly B.

    3. excited! thanks ang!! miss you guys, God Bless:) ♥ -jen

    4. I did all the steps.....hoping to win one of the wonderful prizes!!
      Lori M

    5. Done and done. These are some of the best prizes and who wouldn't want to win a dozen cake pops? This is a great holiday give away! -Nora

    6. Hey Angela- great blog. Just "liked" everything...hopefully it will help get them some business! Thanks for the link. It was great chatting with you at Chickfila on Thursday...I realized after I got home that it was an answer to prayer...before I left the house that morning I prayed for a chance to get to chat with you a little more than we normally can...and God worked it out! Have a great non -complaining trip!!! :)Beth Anne

    7. I thought I had already posted..but I don't see it. Completed all the steps. :)

    8. Steps completed, great idea and prizes!


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