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Monday, November 21, 2011

Tutorial: Polyester Flower Power

 Polyester Flower Power:

This is a very easy and fun project...and it comes out beautifully! I got the idea from Jones Design Co. Here's how to do it yourself:

No. 1 Things you need:
-100% Polyester Fabric {I have 1/4 yard pictured, but that was way too much}
-Hot Glue Gun/Glue Stick {optional}
-Needle and thread {not pictured...oops}


    No. 2 Cut 3 different size squares. The largest square will determine the diameter of your flower. Remember they don't have to be perfect!

    No. 3 Cut off the corners from each of the squares. Again remember these do not have to be perfect circles

    No. 4 Burn the edges of the circles until they melt and turn inward. If you burn the edges too much and they become dark, just cut off the dark spot and re-burn.

    No. 5 Stack all of the flowers starting with the biggest on bottom and smallest on top {as you can see I used 4 circles instead of 3 for my project...you can use as many as you would like}

    No. 6 Sew all three pieces together entering through the back. Put just a couple stitches in to hold them together well enough.

    No. 7 String one bead and stitch, keep going until you have your desired amount of beads {see picture 8}

    NO. 8 I love the look of different colored beads {you can use whatever you like} When you've reached your desired amount of beads. Put an extra stitch in the back to secure the beads. That's it!!

    No. 9 Attach the flower anywhere! If you are looking to attach it more permanently, that's where the hot glue gun comes in. I used safety pins to attach it to this dress. You can also glue it onto a pin back...the options are endless!

                            This is how we used them:

     Thanks for our beautiful Family Photos Ashley and Luke at J&L Studios Photography!

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