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Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday's five faves...

Black Friday {B.F} is here and I'm sure most of you are out there spending your hard earned dollars. I was actually out shopping earlier today , but didn't stay long and was not at all impressed with the so called "deals" that this overrated event stands for. I've always dreaded the idea of being at one these events and after today I've decided for sure that this is not something for me. Anyhow I hope that all of you that partook in the B.F. adventures, had a great time, stayed safe and found some amazing deals. As for me, I'll stick to getting excited over the handmades and baking supplies...yes, I really do get excited about brown sugar and butter!
Here are my pick for the week...enjoy!

No. 1 This is so cute! I LOVE this. I favor wooden toys for my kiddos.
"Fresh Cut Fishing Set" by Anthropologie

No. 2 A Very skin-loving soap! It's that time of year when our skin is begging for nourishment.
"Carrot, Honey, and Granola Soap" by Get Lathered

No. 3 This time of the year always makes me feel like crafting...this is neat! I'm all about linen anything!
"I Love You, Homemade Linen Fabric Ribbon" by The Lonely Heart

No. 4 So darn cute, so darn affordable...love these!
"Earthy Brown Bloom Earrings" by Dreamy Vintage

No. 5 Pure {yum}  Raw {yum}  Honey {yum} ...Need I say more...This is homemade by one of Our Wonderful Sponsors.
"Orange Spice, 100% pure raw Colorado honey" by Honey Tea Thyme

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